Light and medium storage shelves


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A. Light and medium storage shelves
1.1 Light
Lightweight laminate shelves are a kind of storage shelves, also called small shelves, also called laminate shelves, mainly used for lighter load-bearing items placed, the weight is generally 100-150kg / layer, it is in addition to angle steel shelves, the weight is relatively small storage shelves (shelf load is mostly calculated as a unit of load-bearing capacity of the layer). The height between layers can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of the goods. It is suitable for various warehouses where goods are accessed manually.
Lightweight laminate shelves are mainly composed of columns, horizontal and diagonal braces, beams, layer plates, etc. A separate group has two pieces of columns, and such shelves are called the main shelves. If several groups are assembled into one column, except for the first group which needs two columns, the other group can share one column with the group in front of it, and such shelves are called secondary shelves.
Product characteristics
1、Light shelves are made of high quality cold plate (SPCC) and Q235 section steel;
2、It has beautiful appearance, easy assembly, and the upper and lower steel shelves can be adjusted arbitrarily. Multiple groups of light shelves can be connected to increase the overall stability of the shelves.
3、The column is made of high quality steel plate cold rolled into shape and punched by lathe, the common hole type is butterfly hole; the crossbeam is made of P-beam with pendant welded at both ends, also called column card, used to connect the column: the layer plate is made of steel plate crimped and welded with three to four reinforcement bars welded below, the height of the layer plate can be freely adjusted in multiples of 50mm.
4、It is safer to access the goods manually.
5、The weight of a single group of shelves is lighter and the price is relatively low.
6、Lightweight shelves are relatively easy to install.
7、Conventional color is white and blue.
Number of normal accessories of the product:
Main shelf: two columns, 8 beams, 8 laminates Sub-shelf: one column, 8 beams, 8 laminates
Scope of use
The structure is dexterous, easy to disassemble, easy to adjust, very strong transformation, wide range of uses, suitable for small accessories, accessories and other lighter workplaces, to human, manual handling, storage and picking operations, can meet the different needs of factories, warehouses, assembly lines, supermarkets, electronics, pharmaceuticals and other industries, the price is economical.


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